In a World of Confusion and Despair
It’s good to know there is someone to turn to.

Do you know someone that needs help and suffers with:





Bi-polar disorder

Bi-polar disorder


Or any other mental illness?

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Requests for our services can be initiated as simple as calling our main line or filling out a referral form with the client’s information, and the reason for services.

Prospective employees can now apply online. It’s fast and easy.

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Regional Management Care Inc.

Our Mission

Regional Management Care Inc. is committed to providing quality mental health targeted case management services as well as emotional comfort to all its clients in a fashion of unparalleled excellence. We, as an agency, are committed to working with the emotional, physical, mental and financial means of all our clients while providing quality services to those in Broward County, Florida.

We can assist your clients or patients by providing coordinated care services such as:

  • Educational
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Food
  • Employment
  • Therapeutic
  • and many other services

We will help them to:

  • Take ownership of their illness
  • Learn to manage their mental illness
  • Be self-sufficient and an active participant within the community.

Are you frustrated with waiting lists and dead ends? We can help.

Our Staff


Bryan Rodriguez

Bryan Rodriguez

Maribel Fernandez

Maribel Fernandez

Executive Director-Founder
Nina M. Gonzalez

Nina M. Gonzalez

MSW-Director Case Manager Supervisor

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